• Campbell Creek Science Center: Getting outside and exploring nature has lasting benefits for you, for kids, for everyone! A walk in a local park or green space has been shown to have measurable positive impacts on both physical and mental health. And, nature is a great place to explore and learn.
  • ASAP Science: ASAP Science is a YouTube video series on a mission of "Making science make sense." Check out the Periodic Table Song video, challenges such as Yanny or Laurel? and which is better Paper Towels or Hand Dryers and solve them with SCIENCE!
  • BrainCraft: Vanessa Hill is your friendly neighborhood science educator and psychology specialist. She makes videos about your brain, body and behavior to help you better understand yourself and the world.
  • Access grade level curriculum and learn to code with support.
  • CDC: Solve The Outbreak: Play disease detective with the interactive online game from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention.
  • It's Okay To Be Smart: Solve mysteries like How an Igloo Keeps You Warm and Why Salt & Pepper Ended Up On Every Table in a fun, informative, and entertaining manner.
  • Physics Girl: Physics Girl is a YouTube channel created by Dianna Cowern that adventures into the physical sciences with experiments, demonstrations, and cool new discoveries.
  • National Geographic Kids Science Lab: Explore science experiments, videos, articles, and more with Kids National Geographic.