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TIME to plan:

On March 20th, Governor Dunleavy issued a health mandate announcing that ALL PUBLIC SCHOOLS WILL REMAIN CLOSED TO STUDENTS THROUGH MAY 1, 2020. A universal pre-approval relating to school closures is being provided and the Governor is suspending the regulatory requirement that school districts apply to DEED to receive a school calendar waiver. The suspension of these requirements are contingent upon providing distance-delivered educational services through the duration of school closures.

Support for Distance & Remote Teaching & Learning

DEED's Division of Innovation & Education Excellence is launching this Teaching & Learning Support site to offer information, resources, and leadership to teachers and school leaders across Alaska. The site will serve as a clearinghouse where we share great ideas gleaned from a variety of locations and sources. As schools across the country close in response to the coronavirus situation, many publishers and ed tech vendors are providing access to their tools and resources free of charge. Links to tools, resources, and publications on this site are for informational purposes only and do not indicate endorsements of the tools by DEED. At this time, we wish to provide our educators with as many "leads" as possible. Teachers should work with their school leadership to ensure selected tools are appropriate for their individual settings.

Protect Your Zooms

There have been incidents of "zoombombing" in Alaska! Make sure not to share your Zoom (or other webinar) links publicly. Click here for Zoom's guidance on keeping your Zoom Events safe and secure for all participants.

Make your mark on the #DistanceLearningAK map!

As you plan for the possibility of distance education, what kinds of resources and materials are you finding and/or have you created to support teaching and learning when students are not physically present in your classroom?

CLICK HERE to share your ideas with colleagues across Alaska. Your "share" will be added to the #DistanceLearningAK map.

THANKS, in advance, for joining the conversation!

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